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Report a Swarm of Bees

HELP! I have a Swarm of Bees in my yard!

If you’ve ever experienced a swarm of bees collecting on a tree near or on your property then I’m sure it will be something you’ll never forget.

When you spot a swarm of bees, the best thing to do is to be calm and do not approach the swarm.  When bees are in this state of swarming, they are in the most docile state they will ever be in. That doesn’t mean you’d not get stung by a bee in swarm mode, it just means that bees are in a state of relocation and stinging you is the last thing on their mind.  Their bellies are full of honey and resources and they have no intentions of stinging you. Of course, if you purposely threatened them, they would sting but most times swarms are very gentle and temporary.

Swarms can be hanging off a low lying tree limb or high up in the tree. Swarms can be located just about anywhere and can be present for an hour up to 72 hours.  Scout bees are out looking for a new home and if a suitable location is found they will alert the others and the full swarm would then leave the tree limb to its new location.

What should I do if I have a swarm?

It is best to remain indoors if you are not sure of any allergies and always remain calm. A swarm will leave on it’s own.  You can fill out the form below and a beekeeper will be alerted and call you. Take some pictures of the swarm to help us understand the difficulty of retrieving it.  It is easier to catch a swarm than it is to remove an established colony inside your home.

  • It is important to know the time in which the swarm was discovered as there is a small window of opportunity to catch the swarm as it may not stay in one location too long.
  • Is it in a tree? A side of a building? How high off the ground is it?