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Local PEI Honey for Sale

Our honey is pure, raw and unpasturized.  Right from the hive!

Honey is mainly wildflower consisting of white clover, fireweed, goldenrod and various other floral sources found locally on PEI.

We carry the following sizes.

  • 3KG Pails – $40
  • 750 ml / 1KG Jars – $14
  • 375 ml Jars (500g) – $8

  • Order RAW Local honey!

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  • Price: $ 40.00 CAD
  • Price: $ 14.00 CAD
  • Price: $ 8.00 CAD
    We offer delivery, however there is a charge per order. Deliveries take place twice weekly - Monday and Friday. Local pickup is in the Mermaid area so if you do choose to pick it up yourself, we will contact you with exact location details after your order has been submitted.
  • If you are not at home, we will leave your order on your doorstep. If you are in a secure building where access is limited - please let us know when would be the best time to deliver.
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Local PEI Honey

Frequently Asked Questions about Honey 

What is RAW Honey?

Raw honey is unpasteurized and has never exceeded 40C in the extraction process.  This ensures that the honey will maintain all it’s beneficial qualities.  Read more about 8 RAW Honey Benefits for Health.

What is pasteurized honey?

It is when honey is heated above 40C.  This is primarily done so that the honey will stay in it’s liquid form longer on the shelf.

My honey is hard – is it bad?

All honey will eventually crystalize.  RAW honey will crystalize faster than pasteurized honey.  If your honey crystalizes, it’s a sign of good honey!  Just place the jar or container in a pot of hot water to gently soften the honey back to it’s liquid state.  DO NOT MICROWAVE!

How long will honey last?

Honey has antibacterial qualities that preserve it’s shelf life for a very long time.  It has been discovered in an ancient Egypt dating back 2000 years and was still edible.

Can RAW Local PEI honey help with my allergies?

Some people believe that if you have a pollen allergy, then eating local raw honey will help increase your tolerance as there will be trace amounts of pollen in the honey you buy.  It’s not as heavily processed as the store-bought honey.

Can I feed honey to my kids?

It is highly recommended that honey is not given to any child under the age of 1 year.  Up to that point, the child has not developed their digestive system fully and can be prone to botulism which is a rare but serious illness caused by spores that can be found in honey.

I can buy honey cheaper at the grocery store, so why buy it from you?

You are absolutely right, you can buy it cheaper at the grocery store.  When you buy a local product, you know it’s source and quality.  You can be assured that the money you spend on a local product is directly helping the farmer and no middle man.  Grocery stores leverage bulk buying power and can afford to be profitable by buying in bulk and making a marginal profit.  We work hard to keep our bees alive and in doing so, it comes with a cost.  We love to educate, inform and provide a premium product.  Check out this video of a hive inspection for a kindergarten class.

Local PEI Honey